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Grand Theft Auto 2

From a scale 1 through 10:

Oveall Rating: 6.5
Graphics: 5
Sound: 8.5
Time-Consuming: 4


Grand Theft Auto 2 can be a great game when you just start it.  But after a week ortwo, it can be getting a little boring.  There aren't many levels, which make thisproblem.  Each level is very difficult.  And when you can't save your game, itcan get pretty tough.  This would be another bad thing about Grand Theft Auto 2.  Since you can't save anywhere in the whole game, It may take you days to completethe game totally.  Say, the first level takes about 4 hours!  It is also verywicked that there is a "Load Game" option on the Grand Theft Auto 2 menu.

Grand Theft Auto 2 can be a hard game in a while.  The jobs are hard and you haveto complete all thirty to unlock a city or level.  But besides the jobs, you musthave a certain amount of money, and you must pass all kill frenzies.  You also needto be prepared with weapons.  My first choice would be a machine gun, then you coulduse a pistol.  Another problem is the police.  If you get caught too many times,you go to jail.  They take away all your weapons.

The key difference between Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto 2 is that Grand TheftAuto 2's jobs are just companies versus companies.  You have to do ten jobs for eachgroup.  The greoups/companies that rival each other are the Zaibatsu, Loonies, andthe Yakuza.  And if one of these groups disrespects you or you disrespect them, you'll find going through their part of town hair-raising.  Now this would make Grand Theft Auto 2 a lot harder than Grand Theft Auto.

The music in Grand Theft Auto 2 is a little bit on the inappropriate side.  It hasbasicly nothing but rock and rap (makes sense huh?).  This is where most of thelanguage is.  Besides that, most of the other language is when you are on the GrandTheft Auto 2 phones.

The graphics in Grand Theft Auto 2 aren't marvelous, yet not horrible.  First ofall, it is a lot better than Grand Theft Auto.  But you can't really tell whereyou're going because it isn't in a full 3D view.  Some people may call Grand TheftAuto 2's graphics horrible and some may call it good, but I think it's an average view andisn't too bad.

Review by Cool Skater.