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Welcome to GameNet!


If you want to get the scoop on what's new on my website, check out the News Archive page.  The News Archive page has all the stuff that's too old to be on this page. This is an archive of what's really new:


March 19, '02

Well, I figured it is better to keep the looks of a site good, so say hello to a cool new banner! Also, you may notice some background music changes.

February 23, '02

Oh yeah, new banner is up! Whaddaya think of it??

January 22, '02

GameNet is under construcion. Even though we are a little messy, you can wonder around orderly. We'll post up the news when we finsih! Expect no more but a week delay!

January 10, '02

New Reviews are up! They are Jet Set Radio Future, Tekken 4, Destrega and Crazy Taxi!

December 12, '01

I am almost sure that our visitors like our midis, so now I put them up in the Midi Section! Enjoy!

December 9, '01

All new site! GameNet! I made this new since I needed to focus on one topic. No need to worry, my other site will still be up.

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The results for my Website Content poll were 20% More Walkthroughs, 20% More Game Console Info, 20% MIDI, 20% Emulators, 20% Anime, and the rest was 0%.
The results for my Video Game Consoles poll was: Playstation 2 (50%), GameCube (33%), XBOX (27%)


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If you got interested in my web page, please feel free to e-mail me at I can check this e-mail account from anywhere, so don't worry.  If you want to put some content on my website on your website, please e-mail me.  I will be glad to send you what you needed and a banner for my page.

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