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Crazy Taxi

From a scale 1 through 10:

Oveall Rating: 7
Graphics: 8.5
Sound: 7.5
Time-Consuming: 5


Crazy Taxi is yet another unique game from Sega. The premise is to drive people to different places through out the level in a certain time limit. Along the way, you will have to deal with traffic, twisting turning roads, and civilians. It’s unique enough to work right, although it is a little short.

The graphics in Crazy Taxi are outstanding. There is tons of detail, from civilians to tons of building and many cars. The one main level is huge as well. There is only a minor hint of slowdown when a major accident occurs with a lot of cars. While the game may lack realism, that is good because this is a pure arcade port. Various bands supply the sound, but it is background music so you won’t pay much attention to it. As for who the bands are, they are just bands like The Offspring who have provided tracks to many other games. The passenger in your taxi also gives you directions, but if you don’t want to listen to them you can always use the arrow above your car. The sound effects are excellent, with great crashes and the passenger yelling at you to do a better job. It makes the one city seem alive, and you’ll see stores such as Tower Records included. It makes the game more interesting, and will keep gamers interest for awhile.

Control is very smooth, making Crazy Taxi an easy game to play for gamers of all skill levels. While it may take you a couple tries to get used to weaving in and out of traffic, in no time you will have it down. However, all this can’t get over the fact that Crazy Taxi is one level with mini-games included. There are several variations to play the one level in, but it drags the game down. The mini-games seem to serve more as training than actual gameplay. In the end, the moderately low replay value drags Crazy Taxi’s score down a little bit, but by no means is this a bad game. At a relatively cheap price now, it is still worth a purchase. You just won’t find yourself picking it up and playing it a lot. A worthy effort, but a little lacking from Sega.

Review by dragonryu