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Pokemon Silver,
Gold, Crystal and Yellow

All The 150 Pokemon!The Older 150 Pokemon

Welcome to the world of Pokemon!
Click for the following walkthroughs:

Pokemon Silver (Also can be used for Pokemon Gold and Crystal)
Pokemon Yellow

These Are All The Pokemon:

#142 - Aerodactyl
#065 - Alakazam
#024 - Arbok
#059 - Arcanine
#144 - Articuno
#015 - Beedrill
#069 - Bellsprout
#009 - Blastoise
#001 - Bulbasaur
#012 - Butterfree
#010 - Caterpie
#113 - Chansey
#006 - Charizard
#004 - Charmander
#005 - Charmeleon
#036 - Clefable
#035 - Clefairy
#091 - Cloyster
#104 - Cubone
#087 - Dewgong
#050 - Diglett
#132 - Ditto
#085 - Dodrio
#084 - Doduo
#148 - Dragonair
#149 - Dragonite
#147 - Dratini
#096 - Drowzee
#051 - Dugtrio
#152 - Dymonyx
#133 - Eevee
#023 - Ekans
#125 - Electabuzz
#101 - Electrode
#102 - Exeggcute
#088 - Grimer
#082 - Magneton
#056 - Mankey
#105 - Marowak
#052 - Meowth
#011 - Metapod
#151 - Mew
#150 - Mewtwo
#146 - Moltres
#122 - Mr. Mime
#089 - Muk
#034 - Nidoking
#031 - Nidoqueen
#029 - Nidoran (f)
#032 - Nidoran (m)
#030 - Nidorina
#033 - Nidorino
#038 - Ninetales
#043 - Oddish
#138 - Omanyte
#139 - Omastar
#095 - Onix
#046 - Paras
#047 - Parasect
#053 - Persian
#018 - Pidgeot
#017 - Pidgeotto
#025 - Pikachu
#127 - Pinsir
#060 - Poliwag
#061 - Poliwhirl
#062 - Poliwrath
#077 - Ponyta
#137 - Porygon
#057 - Primeape
#054 - Psyduck
#026 - Raichu
#078 - Rapidash
#016 - Pidgey
#020 - Raticate
#019 - Rattata
#112 - Rhydon
#111 - Rhyhorn
#027 - Sandshrew
#028 - Sandslash
#123 - Scyther
#117 - Seadra
#119 - Seaking
#086 - Seel
#090 - Shellder
#080 - Slowbro
#079 - Slowpoke
#143 - Snorlax
#021 - Spearow
#007 - Squirtle
#121 - Starmie
#120 - Staryu
#114 - Tangela
#128 - Tauros
#072 - Tentacool
#073 - Tentacruel
#153 - Togepi
#134 - Vaporeon
#049 - Venomoth
#048 - Venonat
#003 - Venusaur
#071 - Victreebel
#045 - Vileplume
#100 - Voltorb
#037 - Vulpix
#008 - Wartortle
#013 - Weedle
#070 - Weepinbell
#110 - Weezing
#040 - Wigglytuff
#145 - Zapdos
#041 - Zubat
98. Chikorita
99. Bayleaf
9A. Meganium
9B. Cyndaquil
9C. Quilava
9D. Typhlosion
9E. Totodile
9F. Croconaw
A0. Feraligatr
A1. Sentret
A2. Furret
A3. Hoothoot
A4. Noctowl
A5. Ledyba
A6. Ledian
A7. Spinarak
A8. Ariados
A9. Crobat
AA. Chinchou
AB. Latern
AC. Pichu
AD. Cleffa
AE. Igglybuff
AF. Togepi
B0. Togetic
B1. Natu
B2. Xatu
B3. Mareep
B4. Flaaffy
B5. Ampharos
B6. Bellossom
B7. Marill
B8. Azumarill
B9. Sudowoodo
BA. Politoed
BB. Hoppip
BC. Skiploom
BD. Jumpluff
BE. Aipom
BF. Sunkern
C0. Sunflora
C1. Yanma
C2. Wooper
C3. Quagsire
C4. Espeon
C5. Umbreon
C6. Murkrow
C7. Slowking
C8. MisdreavusC9. Unown
CA. Wobbuffet
CB. Girafarig
CC. Pineco
CD. Forretress
CE. Dunsparce
CF. Gligar
D0. Steelix
D1. Snubbull
D2. Granbull
D3. Qwilfish
D4. Scizor
D5. Shuckle
D6. Heracross
D7. Sneasel
D8. Teddiursa
D9. Ursaring
DA. Slugma
DB. Magcargo
DC. Swinub
DD. Piloswine
DE. Corsola
DF. Remoraid
E0. Octillery
E1. Delibird
E2. Maintain
E3. Skarmory
E4. Houndour
E5. Houndoom
E6. Kingdra
E7. Phanpy
E8. Donphan
E9. Porygon 2
EA. Stantler
EB. Smeargle
EC. Tyrogue
ED. Hitmontop
EE. Smoochum
EF. Elekid
F0. Magby
F1. Miltank
F2. Blissey
F3. Raikou
F4. Entei
F5. Suicune
F6. Larvitar
F7. Pupitar
F8. Tyranitar
F9. Lugia
FA. Ho-oh
FB. Celebi

Here's an up to date walkthru for pokemon silver:

You start out the game by setting the game's internal clock. After that Oak will explain the world of Pokémon

again and then you will get to choose your name.

Your House

Finally you'll start out in your room, head downstairs to have a talk with your mom. She'll give you your PokéGear. She'll also ask what day it is, and whether or not it is Daylight Savings Time or not. After that she will give you the option of where she'll keep some of your money for you when you win battles. That way, just in case you "white out" (it's not black out anymore for some reason) you'll still have money at your house. Occasionally throughout the game, your mom will use some of the money she keeps to buy things for you which you can thing take out of your Computer anywhere in the game.

Professor Elm's Lab - Choose Your Pokémon
After all that, head outside and go to the large building on the left. Once inside you'll meet the Pokémon Professor of the game. His name is Professor Elm and after a talk, he will let you choose one of three starting Pokémon:

Chikorita the Grass Pokémon
Cyndaquil the Fire Pokémon
Totodile the Water Pokémon

After choosing your starter Pokémon Elm will exchange Phone numbers, and tell you that the machine in the corner heals Pokémon. He'll also tell you to go find his friend, Mr. Pokémon.
Next head outside and start exploring.
About in the middle of Route 29 on Tuesdays, there is a girl named Tuscany that will show up. She has brothers and sisters who will also show up on certain days during the week (Monica of Monday, Wesley of Wednesday, Arthur of Thursday, Frieda of Friday, Santos of Saturday, and Sunny of Sunday). Throughout the Walkthru I will point them out to you. They give you special items that you can attach to your Pokémon that increase a certain attack depending on the item. Tuscany will give you a Pink Bow which increases Normal attacks.

Cherrygrove City
Next you'll want to try to find Mr. Pokémon. You'll pass through a town called Cherrygrove (Yoshino) City to get to him. When you first enter Cherrygrove (Yoshino) City talk to the old man below you. He will show you the town and then give you a Map card for your PokéGear.

Mr. Pokémon & Professor Oak
You'll eventually find Mr. Pokémon's house since one of the paths is blocked by two battling trainers. Mr. Pokémon will introduce himself and then Professor Oak will talk to you and give you a high-tech version of the Pokédex. Oak then leaves to go do his very popular radio show. You'll take a rest, and when you exit the building Elm calls you and tells you to come back to New Bark (Wakaba) Town, something has happened! These plants bear fruit

Your Rival
Someone has stolen one of Elm's Pokémon, and just your luck it's the one that has the advantage over yours. Well, it looks like you just found your new rival.


Pokémon Level
Starter 5
Prizes: $300

Back To New Bark Town
Head back and talk with Professor Elm to see what was going on. You'll then name your Rival.
On your way out of the Lab, the Scientist at the bottom will give you 5 Pokéballs.

When you exit the city a guy named Dude will want to show you how to use your new Pokéballs to catch Pokémon.

After battling and capturing some of the new and old Pokémon you'll be ready to take on the local gym leader, Falkner. He uses bird Pokémon and is not difficult to defeat.
Once you beat Falkner he will give you the Zephyr Badge. The Zephyr Badge raises your Pokémon's attack power. It will allow you to use Flash anytime. Falkner also gives you TM31, Mud-Slap.
Pokémon Level Exp
Pidgey 7 82
Pidgeotto 9 216
Prizes: $900, TM31

Togepi - Violet (Kikyou) City PokéCenter
After defeating Falkner, Professor Elm will call you and tell you that they have found out something about he Mysterious Egg you gave to him earlier. A Scientist will show up in the Violet (Kikyou) City PokéCenter. Talk to him and he will give you the Pokémon Egg (you must have one slot open for it in your Pokémon lineup.) 
The Egg will hatch after you walk so many steps and turn into Togepi. There is a man blocking the most southern exit of this town and if you don't get Togepi you can't get through.

There's also a house in Violet that you can trade a Bellsprout for an Onix. The level will depend on what level your Bellsprout is because whenever you trade a Pokémon to a person in the game, their Pokémon will be the same level as yours. 

Sprout Tower
In Violet (Kikyou) City head north to find the Sprout Tower. You'll encounter Sages with Bellsprout and the occasional Hoothoot. At the top your Rival beats the head Sage and runs off after talking to you. Defeat the Sage and he will give you HM05, Flash.
Click here for a map of the tower.
Sage Li
Pokémon Level Exp
Bellsprout 7 126
Bellsprout 7 126
Hoothoot 10 123
Prizes: $320, HM05

Next you can head west of Violet (Kikyou) City and run into a cave entrance. Inside will be a puzzle that you have to put together.
Once you discover it was Kabuto, the floor will drop out and down you will fall into the cave below. (If nothing happens, you put the puzzle together wrong) Inside are a bunch of Pokémon called Unown. They have no gender, but they do have many different shapes. Don't get confused though, they all have the same Pokédex entry.

To unlock more shapes you will have to surf, strength, break rocks, towards the 3 other entrances to the cave (Like the Kabuto one where there is a puzzle to solve.) You can find them by surfing on the Lower Level of Union Cave. You need Strength to get two of them.

Ho-oh Puzzle

Omanyte Puzzle


This Scientist will give you the upgrade After you solve all the puzzles go into the cave and catch 3 different Unown shapes.
Exit the cave and a Scientist will upgrade your Pokédex for you. Now after you catch a Annon shape it will be recorded under here and you can take a look to see which ones you have by pressing Select while in the Pokédex and then choosing the last option.

After collecting all 26 Unown, talk to the scientist again and he will let you print out your Unown shapes.

My Collection of 26 Unown Shapes. When looking in this part of the Pokédex you will notice that every Unown make up a different letter of the English Alphabet. And in the box below the picture it has an English word made up of Unown letters. Here are the words found after each letter:

Letter  Word Letter  Word

Next you'll encounter a lone PokéCenter in Route 32. Inside is a Fishing Guru, talk to him and you'll get yourself an Old Fishing rod.
Continue on and you'll pass through a cave with Trainers and rock Pokémon inside. If you look on Friday nights you can find Lapras deep within the cave if you have Surf.

Click here for a map of Union Cave.

TM 39 - Swift
Inside Union Cave you can find TM 39, Swift. It's on the Lower Level of Union Cave. You don't need Surf, Cut, or any other HM to get to it. 

TM 05 - Roar
After getting Cut later in Ilex Forest, come back and talk to this guy. He'll give you TM 05 just for talking to him. 

On Friday, right above the PokéCenter, "Frieda Friday" will appear. All throughout the game are scattered her brothers and sisters, and they will only appear on certain days. They will give you items that you can attach to your Pokémon to make their attacks stronger.
"Slowpoke Town"
After exiting the tunnel you'll find Team Rocket guarding a well and the local Gym. Well it seems that Team Rocket has kidnapped all the Slowpokes from the town.

First you'll need to talk to Kurt in the house right above the Gym. He'll move the Rocket member guarding the well. Next it's your turn to defeat the Rocket members.  Once defeated, the Gym will open and you'll be able to fight Bugsy.

King's Rock - TM 18 (Rain Dance)
Later after you get HM 04, Strength, return to Slowpoke Well and go to the Lower Level. Here you'll find the King's Rock (which will evolve Slowpoke or Poliwhirl when you attach it to them and trade them to another Game Boy.) You can also find TM 18, Rain Dance.

Kurt - Apricorns

After defeating the Rocket members in the well, Kurt will take you back to his house and give you a Lure Ball. Lure Balls are used to catch Pokémon hooked by a Rod (from fishing). He'll also make more special Pokéballs from Apricorns that you can get from plants scattered throughout the Johto region.

For example, the plant behind his house will give you White Apricorns, and they are then made into a Fast Ball. Fast Balls are used to catch fast Pokémon.

Azalea Gym - Hive Badge

Bugsy uses 3 Bug Pokémon. So if you chose Cyndaquil as your starter Pokémon you will really have the advantage, especially against Scyther.

Bugsy will give you the Hive Badge which lets all Pokémon up to level 30 obey you and lets your Pokémon use Cut outside of battle. He also gives you TM49, Fury Cutter.
Pokémon Level Exp
Metapod 14 216
Kakuna 14 216
Scyther 16 640
Prizes: $1600, TM49

Rival - Round 2

Hey, your Rival is back. This time it won't be as easy as the first time. You'll encounter your rival right on the edge of Azalea Town, when you try to leave.  Rival
Pokémon Level Exp
Gastly 12 243
Zubat 14 162
Starter (Evolved) 16 486?
Prizes: $960


Around this time in Azalea Town, Togepi's egg should hatch. You can head back all the way to New Bark Town and show Professor Elm now. When you do, he'll give you the Everstone, which won't allow a Pokémon to evolve if it is carried by that Pokémon. 
HM01 - Cut
After you leave the previous city you'll enter a forest. You'll see a man standing near a cut-able bush. Talk to him and he'll tell you that his boss's Farfetch'd got away.

After him you will see the Farfetch'd by itself. Chase it around until it reaches the man by the cut-able bush. Talk to the new man and he will give you Cut.

Now Cut that cut-able bush to get passed the only one Blocking your path. A new feature in Gold/Silver is that you can just go up to the bush, press A, and it will get cut down if you have a Pokémon with Cut in your lineup. The same goes for Boulders, and that Tree that will come up later.

TM02 - Headbutt
Inside the Ilex (Ubame) Forest Maze is a guy who will give you TM02, Headbutt. Headbutt lets you shake the little trees that are everywhere in the game, sometimes revealing sleeping Pokémon.

I found an Exeggcute and #190 Aipom, that little monkey with a hand-like appendage on the end of its tail. Beedrill was also found in Silver, Butterfree in Gold. Heracross is also up in the trees, but is very rare.

TM12 - Sweet Scent
After cutting the bush that is right before the shrine dedicated to the Forest's protector (aka Celebi), you'll wind through the Forest path until you come to a connecting gate. Inside is a girl who will give you TM12, Sweet Scent. It will attract Pokémon to you outside of battle.

Once you exit this place, you'll come to Route 34. Amongst the trainers is a Daycare/Breeding Center.

Just below Goldenrod (Kogane) City is a house with an old man and woman inside. Talk to the man and he will take one of your Pokémon to level up and talk to the woman and she will do the same. It will cost 100 bucks to take them out, and 100 bucks per level up.

Breeding Instructions
To breed Pokémon you must give the old man a Male Pokémon and give the old woman a Female Pokémon (or vice-versa) that have the same little icon or sprite. Or they must be compatible at breeding. Check our Pokédex for breeding compatibility.

Then exit the building and go walk around for a little while. Come back when you see the man standing outside with your two Pokémon. Talk to him and answer yes, he will give you an Egg.

If you put in Pokémon of different #'s, for example Pidgey and Hoothoot, the resulting egg will be the same species as the female Pokémon and with an Attack that the Male had. Just think of the strange combinations...

Special Pre-Evolution Pokémon

Put In a Male and Female Jigglypuff.

And get Igglybuff when you hatch the egg!
Note: Jigglypuff can be found outside in the grassy areas of Mt. Moon but is very rare.

Put In a Male and Female Clefairy.

And get Cleffa when you hatch the egg!
Note: Clefairy can be found inside of Mt. Moon but is very rare.

Put in a Male and Female Pikachu.

And get Pichu when you hatch the egg!
Note: Pikachu can be found in the wild grass right above Viridian City.

Put in a Male and Female Magmar.

And get Magby when you hatch the egg!
Note: Magmar can be found inside the tower in Ecruteak (Enjyu) City where you fight your Rival.

Put in a Male and Female Electabuzz.

And get Elekid when you hatch the egg!
Note: Electabuzz can be found in the wild grass outside the Power Plant. Thanks to kapoeraskool for this information.

Put in a Female Jynx and another Pokémon with the same sprite as Jynx.

And get Smoochum when you hatch the egg!
Note: Jynx can be found in the Ice Path. I bred a Jynx and my Kadabra together to get this Smoochum. I've heard that Electabuzz works, I don't know about Magmar though.
Goldenrod (Kogane) City Gym - Plain Badge
Goldenrod (Kogane) City is pretty big. The local PokéMart is like the Celadon Department Store. There's plenty to due, but let's get down to business. It's the Gym Leader's badge you want, isn't it?
All the trainers use Normal Pokémon in the Goldenrod (Kogane) City Gym. Right before Whitney there is a trainer who likes to use Jigglypuff, 3 to be exact. So you might want to stop at the PokéCenter to wake up any Pokémon before taking on Whitney.

Whitney can be challenging. If you caught a Geodude or Onix earlier, now is the time it would come in handy.

Whitney won't give you the Plain Badge at first because she will start crying. Talk to the trainer below her then talk to Whitney again. She'll stop crying and give you the Plain Badge. It will let your Pokémon use Strength outside of battle and it boosts your Pokémon's Speed. She'll also give you TM45, Attract.
Pokémon Level Exp
Clefairy 18 261
Miltank 20 856
Prizes: $2000, TM45

In the radio station at Goldenrod, there is someone at the far end of the counter. She has a five question quiz for you. Answer yes, yes, no, yes, no. You'll get a Radio Card for your PokéGear.
Right to the left of the girl who gave you the quiz is someone who will check to see if your ID is the same as the Lucky Radio Station's. If it is you can win prizes, like a Masterball.

Coin Case / Free Bike
The Game Corner in Goldenrod (Kogane) City requires the coin case like in the previous versions. In Goldenrod are two buildings that have an underground tunnel that connect to each other. There are a few trainers there, but, if you find a PokéBall down there, it'll contain the coin case. Now you can take your case and go gambling.
Also, there's a bike shop in Goldenrod, just talk to the guy and he'll give you a free bike.

Pokémon Salon
Also in the Underground Path is a Pokémon Salon. Depending on the day, you can groom your Pokémon which will make it happy. 

TM 21 or TM 27
In the Goldenrod City Department Store a lady on the 5th floor will give you a TM on Sundays depending on how your Pokémon like you. If they like you she'll give you TM 27, Return. It'll do more damage the more your Pokémon like you. However, if they don't she'll give you TM 21, Frustration. It'll do more damage the more your Pokémon dislike you. 
TM 04 - Rollout
Before the National Park (Route 35), there is a path through the grass you can take to find TM 04, Rollout.

National Park
On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, the National Park holds a Bug Catching Tournament. To enter you have to talk with one of the guys standing by the doors of either entrance (North of Goldenrod is the first you come to). You can only take one Pokémon with you to battle the wild Bug Pokémon, the rest will be held for you until the contest is over. The contest is free, and you'll get 20 Park Balls to capture the Pokémon. However, if you press Start at anytime, the round will end once you go back to playing.

Sunkern, Caterpie, Metapod, Butterfree, Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill, Venonat, Pinsir, and Scyther are the Pokémon that I've seen in there. What's weird is that you can find level 17 Caterpie and Weedle.

Whenever you catch more than one Pokémon in this contest, you'll be asked whether you want to switch it with the first one you caught. If not, your Pokédex will still record that you caught that Pokémon, you just won't get to keep it. You only get to keep one Pokémon from the contest, so all others will mysteriously disappear.

To win the tournament you need to capture a high level Pokémon like Scyther since he is worth a lot of points. The 1st place winner gets the Sun Stone.

Quick Claw
Talk to the girl on the bench inside of the National Park and she'll give you Quick Claw. Quick Claw will usually let the Pokémon carrying it, attack first in battle.

Route 26 - Sudowoodo the Wiggling Tree

After the third Gym there was a house right outside the gym. Inside the girl in red will give you a SquirtBottle to sprinkle on the tree. Sudowoodo doesn't like water, so it'll wake up and fight you. Remember there's only one, so be ready to catch it.

Next head directly to the right and talk to the fat guy that you come in contact with. He'll give you TM08 which is called Rock Smash. This move will allow you to break certain rocks later in the game so don't lose it.

Arthur of Thursday
On Thursdays in this area, right above where the fat guy is, Arthur will show up. He'll give you Hard Stone, which will increase that strength of Rock attacks.

Deliver the Spearow - TM 50

After clearing out Sudowoodo this task will be simple. There's a guy wanting to deliver a Spearow with Mail attached to a guy on Route 31. The guy with the Spearow is in the Route Change gate right after Goldenrod City.

After getting TM 50, you can go back to the guy in the gate, and he'll give you a PP Up.

Bill - Time Capsule
After Sudowoodo you will reach Ecruteak (Enjyu) City. You'll probably want to stop at the local PokéCenter to heal your Pokémon. When you do you'll meet Bill. He'll tell you he just finished fixing his Time Capsule. The Time Capsule will let you transfer Pokémon from older games, (Red, Blue, and Yellow) and transfer them to Gold or Silver. He tells you that you can't have any new moves from Gold and Silver or Pokémon when trying to use the machine. Then he'll leave and go back to Goldenrod City where he'll give you an Eevee if you talk to him again.

After this, you can take on the local gym leader, Morty.

It would have been handy to have a Kadabra by now.

Ecruteak (Enjyu) City Gym - Fog Badge (#4)
There is a ghost floor surface which continually has you falling through, but to get to the other side, you must walk directly forward in front of a gym trainer, then walk directly left/right, but before reaching the edge, walk directly up in front of another trainer.

The Gym Leader uses all Ghost Pokémon so a Psychic like Kadabra or Drowzee will come in handy here.

Morty will give you the Fog Badge for winning. All Pokémon up to level 50 will obey you now and you'll be able to use Surf outside of battle. He will also give you TM 30, Shadow Ball.
Pokémon Level Exp
Gastly 21 427
Haunter 21 567
Gengar 25 1017
Haunter 23 621
Prizes: $2300, TM30

HM03 - Surf
Two more things to do here. Inside the town there are five Kimono Girls dancing on the stage. Each Kimono Girl has an Eevee evolution (two new ones, a Psychic one, and a Dark one). If you defeat all five and talk to the man with the hat, he will give you HM03, Surf.

The House
Dancing Kimono Girls
HM03 - Surf

Inside one of the houses, this guy will give you an Itemfinder.

Burned Tower - Rival / Legendary Beasts

Burned Tower Once you enter the Burned Tower your Rival will fight you. If you have that Kadabra, now is the time to use it.

Once your Rival is defeated and leaves, it'll be time to explore the rest of the tower. I was playing at night, so I fought some Rattata, the occasional Gastly, Koffing, and Magmar!

If you taught TM08 to one of your Pokémon, now it is time to use it. (Remember TM08 is given to you by the fat man that was looking at Sudowoodo - the wiggling tree.)

Fight the trainer and you can fall down the hole in the middle. Go up to the stone statues and they will awaken, then scatter. These are the Three Legendary Beasts,  Raikou (electric type),  Entei (fire type), and  Suicune (water type). You may run into them later on in the game (in the wild), so be prepared.

Next head west to Route 38.
Pokémon Level Exp
Haunter 20 540
Magnemite 18 342
Zubat 20 231
Starter (Evolved) 22 669
Prizes: $1320

TM08 Breaks Rocks

Legendary Beasts Scatter

TM 20 - Endure
Inside the Burned Tower you can find TM 20 by breaking the rock on the right side. Then you have fall in the hole in the upper right hand corner. Then move a rock with strength and TM 20, Endure, is yours.

Sick Miltank
Right in the corner of Route 38 and 39 is a Miltank farm. Unfortunately their prize Miltank will not produce milk. If you give it enough Berries it'll get better. There is a plant that gives Berries near the beginning of Route 38. If you talk to the owners after that they'll give you TM13.

Pikachu Madness!
Not much else on Route 39, except a couple trainers with Pikachu.
Gym Leader is Missing
If you check out the local Gym your Rival will tell you that the gym is empty.

HM04 - Strength
Head to the house next to the PokéCenter. Talk to the Sailor on the right and he'll give you HM04. 

Good Rod
Right above the PokéCenter is a house with a Fishing Guru inside. Talk to him and answer yes to his question and you'll get a Good Rod. 

On Mondays look for Monica in Olivine City. Talk to her and she'll give you Sharp Beak. When attached to a Pokémon it'll raise the power of Flying Attacks. 

Jasmine Needs Medicine
Next head to the Lighthouse that is southeast in the town. Scale to the top battling trainers and you'll find Jasmine. She'll ask that you get some medicine for her sick Pokémon from a pharmacy in Cianwood.

Well, not much else to do, so let's surf to Cianwood City.

This hole will get you to the top
Where is Cianwood?
Cianwood (Taban) City can be reached by surfing from Olivine (Asagi) City. You'll encounter a lot of Tentacool and Tentacruel on the way. Not to mention a few trainers.

Cianwood (Taban) City Gym - Storm Badge (#5)
Heal your Pokémon at the local Center then head off to fight the Gym Leader. To get passed the stones blocking your way, you must press the stones on the ends up using Strength. Then Press the middle stone to the left.
Again, Kadabra comes in handy.

Chuck will give you the Storm Badge for winning. Now Pokémon up to level 70 will obey you and you can use Fly outside of battle. He will also give you TM 01, Dynamicpunch. It will confuse the opponent if it hits.
Pokémon Level Exp.
Primeape 27 861
Poliwrath 30 1188
Prizes: $3000, TM01

HM02 - Fly
After beating Chuck, talk to the lady outside the gym to get HM02. 

#213 Shuckle
There's a guy that will give you a Shuckle on Cianwood if you only bring 5 Pokémon with you.
You can also catch wild Shuckle by breaking the rocks on Cianwood. By breaking the rocks there's always a chance a wild Pokémon will fight you.

Photo Studio
There's a man in a house above the Gym that'll take a picture of one of your Pokémon and then print it out on your Game Boy Printer. 

Stop by this house to get the medicine Jasmine needs for her sick Pokémon before flying back to Olivine.
Medicine Man
After receiving the medicine from the guy in sunglasses on Cianwood, go back to Jasmine at the top of the tower, give her the medicine, and she will go back to her gym. 

Olivine (Asagi) City Gym - Mineral Badge (#6)
Jasmine's two Magnemites shouldn't give you that much trouble, especially if you grabbed a Geodude earlier in the game.

The new steel type Pokémon, Steelix, is five levels higher, but you should still be able to take it out. A Fire Pokémon can easily take all 3 of her Pokémon.

Once you beat Jasmine, the Mineral Badge is yours. It raises your Pokémon's Defense, and she also gives you TM 23, Iron Tail.
Pokémon Level Exp.
Magnemite 30 571
Magnemite 30 571
Steelix 35 1470
Prizes: $3500, TM23

Sunny of Sunday
Next head back to Ecruteak (Enjyu) City, the one with the Ghost gym leader.

Before entering the city, Sunny will be walking amongst 3 Berry Plants on the right side of Route 37 on Sunday. Talk to Sunny and he will give you Magnet which increases the power of Electric attacks.

Then exit east from the city using the Route Gate and you'll come across Mt. Mortar on Route 42.


Deep inside Mt. Mortar is a trainer that will give you Tyrogue if you beat him. Make sure you only bring 5 Pokémon with you or he will not give it to you. You also need Waterfall to be able to get to him.  Karate King
Pokémon Level Exp.
Hitmonlee 34 1012
Hitmonchan 34 1020
Prizes: $816, Tyrogue

Click here for a map of Mt. Mortar

You can easily get passed the mountain if you have trouble by surfing in the water outside the Mountain.

Dragon Scale

Deep inside Mt. Mortar there is a item ball containing Dragon Scale. You should be able to get it by following the way to get to Tyrogue. It's at the very top of the map.

TM40 - Defense Curl

Also inside near where the Dragon Scale is, you'll find TM 40, Defense Curl... Not really worth your time if you ask me.

There are a group of three plants that give you Apricorns right outside the middle entrance of Mt. Mortar. You need a Pokemon with Cut with you to get to them. The one on the left gives you a Pink Apricorn, the middle a Green Apricorn, and the right a Yellow Apricorn.
Now head East, and you'll come right to Mahogany Town.

TM 10 - Hidden Power
There's a winding path off to the left of the lake with a lot of bushes that require Cut to get passed. There's a hut at the very top and for your trouble the man inside will give you TM 10, Hidden Power. 

Wesley of Wednesday
Also up near the house where you get TM 10 will be Wesley on Wednesday. Talk to him to get Blackbelt. 

Red Gyarados
The Mahogany (Choju) Town Gym is being blocked by a Team Rocket member so you'll have to find something else to do first.
Head north battling trainers and new Pokémon until you reach a lake with a level 30 Red Gyarados in it. Surf out to the middle and fight it. There's only one, so you better catch it!

After capturing/defeating it, you'll get a Red Scale. You can trade this scale for an Exp.Share from Mr.Pokémon.

After catching the Red Gyarados you'll see Lance standing by a sign. Talk to him and he will tell you he needs help, Mahogany Town has a secret Rocket Hideout that is broadcasting strange radio signals making the Magikarp in the lake evolve into Gyarados. Answer yes and he'll fly off. Head back to Mahogany Town.

TM 36 - Sludge Bomb
On your way back you can go through a gate house with a Red roof. Watch out! There's Rockets inside. They'll steal your money, so hop over the ledges to get back.
However, later when you get rid of Team Rocket, come back to get TM 36 from the guy inside.

Mahogany (Choju) Town "Store"
If you head to the middle of the town where a guy is selling things, you'll find Lance inside. He'll show you the secret door to Team Rocket's Hideout.
Make sure your Pokémon are strong, a lot of Team Rocket members will fight you in here.

Team Rocket Hideout - Level 1

This map looks peaceful, right? WRONG. Every time you pass one of the Statues, 2 Rocket Grunts will come and fight you. They say that there's a camera in the Statues, and the only way to turn them off is to hit the switch.
The switch is on that lone computer which you can get to after defeating the Scientist in the center.

Team Rocket Hideout - Level 2

Lance will heal your Pokémon when you talk to him on the 2nd level. He'll go ahead of you. Beat the 2 rocket members and go down the stairs.

Team Rocket Hideout - Level 3

Here Lance will talk to you again. He says that to unlock the doors on this level you need to get 2 passwords from the Rocket members. The two members that have the passwords are on this level. The first one is the girl Rocket, facing the computer. Talk to her after you battle her and she'll give you her password. The other is the Rocket near the 2 Pokéballs. After battling him talk to him and he'll give you his password. Follow the stairs until you get to the locked door. Your Rival will come to talk to you but he won't battle.
Unlock the door and fight the Rocket Executive. After he leaves, talk to the Murkrow and it'll give you the final password, "Hail Giovanni." Then head back to the 2nd Floor and unlock the 2nd locked door.

Deactivate the Radio Signal
After unlocking the door, 2 Rocket Executives will come and gang up on you. Luckily Lance comes and battles one of them, while you battle the other. After that is over, Lance tells you that the radio signal needs to be stopped. Since there is no switch, you must battle the Electrode and either catch them, or make them faint.

After defeating the Electrode, Lance will thank you and give you HM06, Whirlpool. Whirlpool lets you get passed rough waters.


Mahogany (Choju) Town Gym - Glacier Badge (#7)
Pryce uses Ice Pokémon. If you picked up a Magmar from earlier, he'd be useful right around now. If not, an electric attack will take care of Seel and Dewgong.
After beating Pryce, you'll get the Glacier Badge. This badge will raise your Pokémon's Special and it'll let you use Whirlpool outside of battles. He'll also give you TM16, Icy Wind.
Pokémon Level Exp.
Seel 27 577
Dewgong 29 1093
Piloswine 31 1052
Prizes: $3100, TM16

Team Rocket Has Taken Over Goldenrod City
Before heading on, you'll have to backtrack. Professor Elm calls you to tell you Goldenrod (Kogane) City's Radio broadcasts seemed to be talking a lot about Team Rocket. He wants you to head to Goldenrod to check things out.

Head back to Goldenrod (Kogane) City for more Rocket fun.

Team Rocket - Radio Tower

The other floors of the Radio Tower that were not accessible before, now are. Unfortunately these floors are reeking of Rocket.
The first part of this chore is easy enough. Just fight all the Rocket's and make it up to the top. You'll see a locked door on the third floor, but this will be opened later.

Beat the Rocket Executive on the top floor who was impersonating as the Director. He'll give you a key that will unlock the blue door to the Underground Warehouse, which you can reach by going into the Underground Tunnel in Goldenrod City.

Battle with Rival
Hey look, your Rival was following you and now wants to fight. Sneasel is one of those new Dark type Pokémon (Psychic has no effect).  Rival
Pokémon Level Exp.
Magnemite 28 534
Golbat 30 1098
Haunter 30 810
Sneasel 32 904
Starter (3rd Evo) 32 1424
Prizes: $1920

Evil Puzzle
Next you will have to press switches to open doors and remove walls. To get to the Female Rocket leader you must push the switches in this order: the Left switch (#3), then Middle (#2), then the Right one (#1).

Save The Director

You'll encounter more Rocket Grunts until you finally encounter the Director of the Radio Station. He'll give you a Card Key that'll unlock the 3rd Floor shutter that was locked before in the Radio Station.

Go back to the Radio Station and unlock the door. Beat the rest of the Rockets including the male and female Rocket Executives.

Get the Rainbow or Silver Wing
After defeating the Rocket Executives, the Director will come and thank you. He'll also give you a special Wing (Silver version: Silver Wing, Gold Version: Rainbow Wing). These wings will let you get Ho-oh (Rainbow Wing - Gold) and Lugia (Silver Wing - Silver).

More Free Gifts

Before exiting the Radio Tower, go around and talk with the people pictured. They will give you something for saving the Radio Tower. 

Don't forget to stop by this house in Goldenrod (Kogane) City to get your own complimentary Eevee from Bill. Have a slot open for it though or you won't be able to get it.
Next head back to Mahogany (Choju) Town and enter the Ice Path.

Icy Mazes
The Ice Path shouldn't be too hard to get through. If you are stuck, the Map has red arrows that'll tell you where you need to go.
You'll find some new Pokémon in here, a small mammoth like thing called Swinub. There's also a shy bird called Delibird in the Silver version.

HM07 - Waterfall
You can find the last HM, HM07 in the Ice Path. This HM lets you ride up waterfalls.
TM or HM, Be gone!
There is a guy in Blackthorn (Fusube) City that will erase TM's or HM's from your Pokémon. Just talk to him and he will ask which move you want deleted.
This is very useful since the HM's in this game are used more regularly. So having all the required Pokémon at the same time with these moves and having your normal fighting Pokémon is hard to do. So eventually you'll give in and teach one of your good Pokémon an HM. But don't worry you can delete it later!

(Krabby/Kingler can learn Cut, Surf, Strength, and Rock Smash, though)

Santos of Saturday
Hey it's Santos. Santos will give you Spell Tag after talking to him. Spell Tag will increase the power of Ghost attacks. 

Blackthorn (Fusube) City Gym - Rising Badge (#8)
Note: If you can't get into this gym because of a guy blocking it, you have forgotten to beat something earlier in the game, most likely you have not been following this Walkthru and came straight to this page. In that case, click the back button a few times down there at the bottom of the page to see what you missed.

Before battling Clair there will be a small puzzle where you have to push 3 Rocks into holes to make paths over the molten lava below. Not to mention trainers to fight.

But eventually you'll make it to Clair. Her Dragon Pokémon can be taken out with Ice attacks.

After defeating Clair, you won't get a badge. First you must surf behind the gym and enter a cave called the Dragon's Den and get an item called the Dragon Fang.
Pokémon Level Exp.
Dragonair 37 1141
Dragonair 37 1141
Dragonair 31 1141
Kingdra 40 1713
Prizes: $4000

Dragon's Den - Getting the Badge from Clair

Inside you must surf around. You may encounter a Dratini every once and awhile. You'll have to get passed a whirlpool, so bring along your Pokémon that has HM06 equipped. Once you find the lone Pokéball and pick it up, Clair will come along and give you the Rising Badge. Now all Pokémon will obey you and you'll be able to use Waterfall outside of battle. She'll also give you TM24, Dragonbreath.
Once you exit the Dragon's Den, Professor Elm will tell you he's got something for you. So go back to New Bark (Wakaba) Town and talk to him.

Master Ball
When you get back in New Bark (Wakaba) Town after beating all 8 Gym Leaders in Johto, talk to Elm and he will give you the Master Ball!
Now that you have this, and the Rainbow Wing (Gold) or Silver Wing (Silver) from the Radio Tower Director, you can go catch Ho-oh (Gold) or Lugia (Silver).

Ho-oh - Gold Version

Ho-oh on the rooftop. Ho-oh is really easy to find compared to Lugia. Go back to Ecruteak (Enjyu) City and go into the northern house. Go in all the stairs and you'll eventually come to a large tower. Go inside Tin Tower, and go to the top after the winding mazes and teleport pads and you'll find Ho-oh.
You better save your game before fighting Ho-oh, because like Mewtwo, there is only one. Try getting Ho-oh down to as little HP as possible, and put it to sleep. Ultra Balls should do the trick.

Wild Ho-oh appears!
Click here for a Map to get to Ho-oh

Lugia - Silver Version

Lugia swimming Lugia can be found in Whirl Islands, south of Olivine City. You'll need a Pokémon with Surf, one with Whirlpool, and one with Flash to get to Lugia.
Go to Olivine (Asagi) City and surf south trying to stay as far to the right as you can. There is 4 entrances to the cave where Lugia is so if you follow the wall the first one you come to is the one you need to enter.

Once inside go to the right and choose the top path when it comes to a fork. Now you'll make your way to a waterfall, go down it, then surf up and you should find Lugia swimming in the water.

Lugia is also level 40 and will give you 1257 experience points if you beat him. But DON'T, what are you crazy or something!? Again, low HP, asleep, and ultra balls should do the trick.

Lugia wants to fight!
Click here for a Map to get to Lugia

Pokémon League
Now head back to New Bark (Wakaba) Town and get ready to advance to the Pokémon League.
But first make sure you have a Pokémon with Surf and Waterfall. And heal all your Pokémon in Elm's Lab.

Next it's time to surf east from New Bark (Wakaba) Town.

Map Card

After surfing to the right of Wakaba Town, talk to the fat guy when you reach dry land. He'll give you a new map card expansion that has the map of the original Pokémon World from Red, Blue, & Yellow (Kanto).
Next you'll enter a cave that has a waterfall. Surf up it and then down the other side to get out of the cave.

TM 37 - Sandstorm
Once you exit the cave you'll find a house. Inside an old lady will give you TM 37, Sandstorm, for talking to her.

TM 22 - Solarbeam
On Route 27, you can Surf off the bridge to find this TM. Make sure you bring a Pokémon with Whirlpool along to get it though because there is a whirlpool blocking the path to get to it.

Route 27 and 26
Next you'll surf east some more and encounter more trainers when you reach land. There's new Pokémon to catch and trainers to fight.

Before heading onwards, there is a house with a woman who will heal all your Pokémon for you.

Head north and you'll eventually reach Victory Road.

Almost there...
Eventually you'll make it to the "other half" of Victory Road. This half is much more easier because there are no trainers and no puzzles.
But there are a lot of Pokémon in there that will give you grief if your Pokémon are not leveled high enough. Graveler, Onix, Rhyhorn, Golbat, and Ursaring (Gold) or Dohphan (Silver) are what you will find in here.

Strangely enough, when I was playing and leveling up my Pokémon before I battled the Elite Four, I ran into a shining silver Rhyhorn. It, like all Shiny Pokémon, has a constant DV of 10 for every stat (except for HP which has a DV of 0), making its total stats be somewhat higher than regular Pokémon. Whenever it goes into battle it sparkles like the Red Gyarados, and as you can see in its stats, it has 3 stars next to it's gender like the Red Gyarados.

Click here for a map.

Silver Rhyhorn

TM 26 - Earthquake
Inside Victory Road you can find TM 26, Earthquake. Right near the exit, head to the left and fall down the hole you find to get to it. 

Perfect Place to Level Up
The Pokémon in Victory Road are perfect for leveling up your Pokémon before the Elite Four. The Graveler give you experience points in the 600's, Onix in the 500's, Rhyhorn in the 600's, Golbat in the 700's, and Ursaring/Donphan in the 800's.
The best place to do this is at the end of Victory Road where the exit is because you can go up to Indigo Plateau to heal your Pokémon. But before you reach the end your Rival will battle you one more time.

Now when your Pokémon are about level 50 or so I think it is a good time to take on the Elite Four at the Indigo Plateau.
Pokémon Level Exp.
Sneasel 34 960
Golbat 36 1310
Magneton 35 1207
Haunter 35 944
Kadabra 35 1080
Starter (3rd Evo) 38 1692
Prizes: $3973

Indigo PlateauJust like in Red, Blue, and Yellow, you will fight the Elite Four and Pokémon League Champion one after another with chances to heal your Pokémon in between. So I suggest before you go up the stairs to the first battle, buy plenty of healing items and Revives, because you might need them, and they definitely come inhandy.Will is your first match. He is a Psychic Trainer and uses a new Pokémon called Xatu. It is a Psychic Bird that evolved from Natu. Electric attacks should do the trick on everything except for Exeggutor. A fire Pokémon can take out Exeggutor easily.WillPokémonLevelExp.Xatu401465Jynx411203Exeggutor411861Slowbro411440 Xatu421530Prize: $4200KogaIt looks like Koga has moved from being a Gym Leader to an Elite Four member. He still uses Poison type Pokémon. If you have a Kadabra or a Pokémon with Psychic, it can easily wipe out all of Koga's Pokémon.KogaPokémonLevelExp.Ariados401147Venomoth411212Forretress431086M uk421413Crobat441923Prize: $4400BrunoBruno is back and he's using his favorite Pokémon types: Fighting and Rock. Hitmontop is a Hitmonlee/chan relative. It's the one where it spins on its head with three feet in the air.You should have a strong water Pokémon that can take out all of Bruno's Pokémon. If not, a psychic like Kadabra can do.BrunoPokémonLevelExp.hitmontop421242Onix43994Hitmonchan421260Hitmonlee4 21242Machamp461902Prize: $4600KarenKaren likes to use a variety of Pokémon, but mostly Dark ones. Umbreon is the Eevee evolution that you can get if you level up Eevee at night (Espeon, the Psychic one, by leveling up Eevee during the day.) Use a powerful attack to knock out Umbreon.Vileplume can be taken out with a fire move.Murkrow is a crow Pokémon. One electric attack should knock it out quickly.Gengar doesn't like Psychic.Houndoom is a devilish looking fire dog. Use Hydro Pump or Surf.KarenPokémonLevelExp.Umbreon421773Vileplume421656Murkrow441008Genga r451831Houndoom472053Prize: $4700Lance - League MasterLooks like Lance beat you to being the Pokémon League Master. Like in Red, Blue, and Yellow, Lance likes to use his Dragon type Pokémon. Lance uses basically the same lineup as in Red, Blue, and Yellow, except for the fact that he has 2 Dragonites in place of his 2 Dragonairs. But that makes it even easier.Gyarados - Electric attack.Dragonite - part flying - Ice or electric attack.Dragonite - Ice or electric attack.Aerodactyl - Hydro Pump or Surf.Charizard - Hydro Pump or Surf.Dragonite - Ice attack.LancePokémonLevelExp.Gyarados442017Dragonite472194Dragonite472194Aer odactyl461990Charizard462059Dragonite502335Prize: $4700So you've beaten the Elite Four and still are itching for more things to do? Here's what's next. Go talk to Professor Elm in New Bark Town and get the SS Anne Ticket. Then head to Olivine (Asagi) City and enter the SS Aqua through the passage that was previously blocked by a guy.SS AquaNow that you're on the SS Aqua you can go around battling the gym trainers aboard. To get off you first have to find a man's granddaughter who is with the captain of the ship.To get there you must find a lazy Sailor who is in the room next to yours. Battle him so you can get past another Sailor blocking your way later in the ship.Find the girl, and you'll be sent back to the Grandpa's cabin. He'll give you Metal Coat for your troubles. Metal Coat increases the strength of Steel attacks.Note: If you decide to go back onto the SS Aqua for a second time you must go to your room and sleep in your bed if you ever want to get off the boat again.Rare CandyGo talk to this guy and you'll get a Rare Candy to listen to his ramblings.Vermilion City Gym - Lt. Surge Lt. Surge's GymYou won't have to do Surge's stupid little trash can secret switch puzzle to get to him. You'll have to fight a couple guys though, but you should do it anyways to gain more experience. Lt. Surge's Pokémon shouldn't be too tough. Especially if you have a Ground Pokémon like Graveler or Sandslash. Dig or another Ground type move should render his Pokémon helpless.After you beat Surge, he'll give you his Thunder Badge which will increase your Pokémon's Speed.Once in Saffron, there is a man named Mr. Psychic. Talk to him and he'll give you the Psychic TM.Right next to the Saffron City Gym is the Dojo. The only thing interesting in here is the Pokéball containing Focus Band. The Focus Band may prevent fainting.The Saffron City Gym still has that teleporter puzzle that you must get through. Keep going to the right or left and you'll eventually get to Sabrina after battling a couple Psychic Trainers along the way. Sabrina's Psychic Pokémon are not too difficult to beat. If you have a strong Electric Pokémon a couple strong Electric attacks to take out her Pokémon. Strangely enough, Sabrina has a female Mr. Mime in her lineup. Apparently the English translation to "Mr. Mime" wasn't a good idea because its Japanese name does not have to deal with a gender.After you beat Sabrina grab her Marsh Badge and teleport your way out of there.SabrinaPokémonLevelExp.Espeon461941Mr. Mime461339 Alakazam481912Prize: $4800Next you'll have to pass through Cerulean City towards where the Power Plant was.Head East out of Cerulean City fighting trainers and wild Pokémon until you reach the end of Route 9 where you can surf to the Power Plant. Go inside the Power Plant and talk to all of the people in there. The large man is really upset...Once you try to exit, the Guard will say that some shady character in Cerulean has been spotted and asks for your help.Now go back to Cerulean City.Once in Cerulean, go inside Misty's Gym. The Rocket member who stole the Machine Part will bump into you and exit as fast as he can. Go to the part pictured and you'll find the missing Machine Part. Now go back to the Power Plant and give the guy the missing Machine Part. He'll thank you and give you TM 07, Zap Cannon.Now head back to Cerulean City again... or first you can do the following..Now that the Power Plant is giving power to the Magnet Train, you can get a ticket for the Train which will transfer you between the two worlds a lot faster than any other way. First, head back to Saffron City and talk with the Mimic Girl. She'll tell you she lost one of her Poké Dolls.Then head to Vermilion City to the house where you get the bike voucher in the previous versions. Talk to the man above the Doll inside. He'll give you the Poké Doll that you'll give to the Copycat Girl back in Saffron.Now go back to Saffron, and give her the doll. She'll give you a Pass to the Magnet Train that will let you ride on it anytime you want.The Train terminals are in Goldenrod (Kogane) City next to the Radio Tower, and in Saffron City next to the gyms.Misty's Gym is empty, so take the path North across Nugget Bridge towards where Bill's house was. You'll encounter 6 trainers who will challenge you to a fight, and promise a prize for winning. Once you get done with 6, there's a 7th... He said he wanted to fight you because you'd be tired... All he has a Porygon anyway, so he's not tough.After beating them all, you'll get a Nugget as a prize... And guess who it's from? Cooltrainer Kevin! ^_^ He'll challenge you to a battle after he gives you the Nugget.Continue on toward where Bill was and you will find Misty romancing with someone. She'll run off back to her Gym after you see her.Misty is still using Water Pokémon of course. Her Starmie is the only Pokémon that makes a return, but this time it is really beefed up. Misty's Pokémon can be easily taken out with a few Electric attacks. The only problem though is Quagsire who is Wooper's evolution. These strange creatures are impervious to Electric attacks since they are part Ground, so a Grass attack should do the trick.After beating Misty she will give you her Cascade Badge and you should be on your way.Head to Lavender Town by going East from Saffron City. MistyPokémonLevelExp. Golduck421566Quagsire421233Lapras442064Starmie472083Prize: $4700When you're going South from Cerulean to get to Lavender, stop by the house that is at the bottom of a bunch of ledges. Talk to the old lady inside and she'll give you the Cleanse Tag. It will help keep wild Pokémon from attacking you.It looks like all souls are rested now in the old Pokémon Tower so they converted it to a Radio Tower to stay with the times. First things first, talk to the man facing the wall with a black hat. He will thank you for turning the power back on at the Power Plant and give you a Expn Card that will allow you to tune your Radio to all radio stations in Kanto. The important station you will need later plays the PokéFlute noise.The Name Rater is still located in Lavender like he was in Red, Blue, and Yellow. Also the PokéMart has moved to next to the Pokémon Center for some reason... Oh well.Now the rest of the game you can do pretty much however you want. But for sake of organization I'll continue on to Celadon City.But before you go, if you head South of Lavender for a little bit, you'll come to a Fishing Guru's house. He'll give you a Super Rod after you answer 'Yes' to his question. Also, if you go down a little further, there's a Pokéball with a Nugget inside.Erika is still using her Grass type Pokémon. Jumpluff looks like a Water type but it's still Grass, my Magmar made sure of that. Erika is simple enough, Fire will disintegrate all of her Pokémon in a couple hits. After you beat Erika and earn her Rainbow Badge and TM 19, Giga Drain. Now you can head on to Fuchsia City by way of the Bike Path.ErikaPokémonLevelExp.Tangela42 1494Jumpluff411545Victreebel461882Bellossom461813Prize: $4700, TM19
Here is a tip sheet for pokemon yellow:

Pallet Town >Meet Professor Oak and get your pikachu, then you will fight your rival for the first time. If you lose it's OK, but try your best to beat him. You'll get your pokedex after bringing Oak his parcel from Viridian, then go to your rivals house and grab the map off the wall, before you leave town to the north.

Route 1 >Your first foray into the tall grass! Talk to the people you find along the way for a free item and continue north Until you reach Viridian city.

Viridian City >You can heal your pokemon at the pokemon center, then go to the pokemart and pick up a package and take it back to Pr Oak. Deliver it to him and return to the pokemart to buy items, finally. Grab whatever you need (Pokeballs would be good to start) and head north to Route 2.

Route 2 >Now you can start capturing pokemon! Give it a try! There's lots of battles here and in Viridian Forest, so don't be afraid to go back to the city and heal up when you need to.

Viridian Forest >There's lots of good items here, so get as many as you can.

Pewter City >Time to fight your first member of the Pokemon League- a familiar face to any one who watches the Pokemon Cartoon. Heal your pokemon at the Pokecenter, stock up at the Pokemart and take him on. I f you lose you need more training. Head back to Route 2 and get your pokemons levels up before challenging him again. Once you defeat him, you'll get TM 34 and the Boulder Badge, and you'll be able to move on east to Route 3.

Route 3 >Lots of trainers to fight on your way to the entrance of Mount Moon. Be sure to drop off at the pokecenter close to the mouth of the cave to heal before heading inside

Mt. Moon >Put Pikachu at the front of your party; his electric shocks will take out those Zubats quickly, sometimes even in one hit. Fight your way through this dungeon, and when you come to the fossils you can only grab one of them; just be sure to remember which one you grab. Later in the game it will become a pokemon, but you'll have to start a new game or trade with a friend to get the other Pokemon from the fossil you didn't choose. You will also have your first encounter with Team Rocket just after you grab your fossil- be ready for them. They have Meowth, Koffing and Ekans, just like in the cartoon!

Route 4 >Not much to say here; head east for Cerulean City.

Cerulean City >Don't miss the girl in a house close to the pokemon center; she will give you a Bulbasaur! Once your ready, head to the gym and take Misty and her water pokemon with your pikachu! Beat her and the Cascade Badge a [Pikachu] nd TM 11 are yours, you can't get a bike at the bike shop just yet. Remember where it is since you'll be back soon. The only way you can exit (For Now) is to the north up to route 24.

Route 24 >Fight your way past all the trainers on the bridge and it's your Rival again! Beat him up and don't miss getting a Charmander from the guy in the upper-left corner of this route, before heading, right and down Route 25.

Route 25 >Lots of trainers here, you may need to head back to the city a few times to heal up. When you finally make it past all of them you'll find Bill's House. Talk to him (notice pikachus surprised expression?) and activate the computer when he asks you to. Talk to him again now that he's human and he'll give you a ticket tboard the SS Anne! Cool! Now head back to Cerulean City and you can pass through that house in the upper right of the city that was blocked before. Head South to Route 5.

Route 5 >If you want, you can go down the center of this route to find the pokemon Day Care Center, where you can leave your pokemon to be slowly trained for you, but it will grow up weak so it's not recommended. You should capture an Abra here before you leave if you can though.

Route 6 >When you emerge at Route 6 you can only go two directions , north or south. You can't go through the gate to the north yet, so go south past a few trainers to Vermilion City.

Vermilion City >Explore the town fully before you do anything else. You will get a Bike Coupon and a Fishing Rod just for chatting a couple of people up, and print out your pokemon on your Game Boy Printer at the Pokemon Club! Another lady wants to give you here Squirtal, but she isn't quite sure yet. Just be patient, you'll get her Squirtal from here soon enough. Buy plenty of items and head to the SS Anne down the dock south of town. There are a lot of items on board the SS Anne, as well a quite a few rich pokemon trainers, so this is a good time to fight as much as you can. You'll face your Rival again on the second floor before you meet the Captain and get HM 01 from him- be careful though, once you leave the ship with HM 01 you can never come back!

Vermilion City (AGAIN) >Back in Vermilion City you can use HM 01 on one of your pokemon to teach them the CUT ability. Now take out that tree next to the gym and you can get in to face Lt. Surge! Search all the trash cans to find the first switch, then once you find it, save your game. Try any trash can next to it- if there isn't another switch reset your game and try another trash can next to the first one. Keep doing this until you find the second switch and the door opens. Beat Lt. Surge for the Thunder Badge and TM 24. Now you can go talk to the lady in the middle of the city and she will give you Squirtal!

Route 11 >There's s couple of things you can get in the building at the end of this route, but probably not yet. If you want you can fight a couple of trainers, but head into Diglett's cave (with your pokemon who has the CUT ability) when you are ready to move on.

Diglett's Cave >Lots of Digletts and a few Dugtrios are all that stand between you and the end of this long wandering cave.

Route 2/Viridian City/Pewter City (Again) >Lots of little errands to do now. Back at Route 2 now on the other side of it that you couldn't reach before, find one of Pr. Oak's helpers in the south building and get HM 05 as long as you have captures 10 pokemon. Now retrace your steps through Viridian City and up to Pewter City, where you can now get into the research lab at the top since you have the CUT ability. Get the Old Amber there and continue to Cerulean City, get your Bike and now you can head east to Route 9.

Route 9 >Fight your way through the trainers here and you'll find a Pokecenter close to the entrance of the Rock Tunnel. Heal Up and save and remember this spot; there is an optional area to the south know as The Power Plant south of this route once you have the SURF ability. You'll want to come back to here later, for now head into the Rock Tunnel.

Rock Tunnel >Use HM 05 on one of your pokemon to give them the FLASH ability, then use FLASH to see your way through this cave. It's not to hard to find your way through this tunnel but there are some very tough opponents here, so be careful and remember the Pokecenter is just outside the entrance if you need help.

Route 10 >One of the shortest routes in the game. If you are hurt just try to avoid the other trainers and you'll make it to Lavender Town in no time. Lavender Town Don't miss the Pokemart here for a few new items, but there isn't much else to do here just yet. You won't get far in the Pokemon Tower Dungeon here without the special item you don't have yet, so you'll have to just skip it now and go west to Route 8.

Route 8 >You can't use the gate all the way to the left of this route yet, so go to the building just above it to find the underground path to Route 7.

Route 7 >Another really tiny route. Just head west into Celadon City.

Celadon City >Lots and Lots of different things to do here. There's the giant department store with several floors of item shops, many stocking special trinkets you can't find any where else. Make sure you buy a couple of the drinks on the top floor, so you can give them to those thirsty gate guards that keep stopping you. If you want to play slot at the Game Corner, find the guy in the Upper-Left corner of the bar in the row of buildings below the Game Corner. He will give you a Coin Case, and now you can play. Visit the building next to the game corner and you will find a nice array of some very rare pokemon for sale-but you will have to win a lot at the game corner or change a lot of money at the game corner counter to be able to buy them. Up at the top of the city, find a hole in a row of bushes and enter into the back of the building there. Follow the stairs up and you will find the incredible Pokemon Eevee on a table at the top. If you think you're ready you can take on the Pokemon Gym trainer Erika to get the Rainbow Badge and TM 21. Explore around and talk to everyone you can, then when your ready for the next Giovonni challenge, talk to the man by the poster at the top of the game corner. After you defeat him, check the poster behind where he was standing to flip the switch to open the door that leads to the entrance of the Game Corner Dungeon.

Game Corner Dungeon >Make your way down to the fourth and bottom floor. Fight the Team Rocket member at the top of the floor , and when you beat him an item will appear. on the floor next to him. That's the lift key- grab it and head back up to the elevator on the second floor and take it down to the fourth floor. You'll face Team Rocket again, then beat Giovonni and you'll get the Silph Scope. Now you can see the ghost pokemon in the Pokemon Tower back in Lavender Town, so head back there now.

Lavender Town (Pokemon Tower) >Now time to take on the pokemon on the Pokemon Tower Again. Make sure your pokemon are ready to take on the Ghost Type pokemon before you head in or you'll be in serious trouble. Work your way across the tower from one edge to the other and remember that the patch in the middle of level 5 will heal all your pokemon; if you can make it there you can use it as a mini Pokecenter. First you'll fight your Rival on the way up, then you'll have to face Team Rocket again at the top. Beat them and rescue old man Fuji- he'll give you the pokemon flute to show his gratitude. Now you can wake up those Snorlax that have been blocking routes 12 and 16!

>You can either go two ways now- down south through Route 12 or all the way over through Route 16. We'll take Route 12 now, and take the Route 16 option afterward.

Route 12 >Don't miss the small cabin here for a new Fishing Rod, and use the Pokemon Flute to wake the Snorlax blocking the road. If you can't capture it, don't worry. You'll have another chance on Route 16.

Routes 13, 14, and 15 >Not much to say. Travel to the end to Fuchsia City.

Route 16 (Optional way to Fuchsia, but HM 02 is located here) >Cut the plant immediately once you come in the route and head west, through the Gate House, to find a small cabin and a women who will give you HM 02- the ability to FLY! Also you'll have to wake the Snorlax with the Pokemon Flute in order to pass. Just be sure to capture Snorlax here or at Route 12.

Route 17 and 18 >Not much to say. Travel to the end to Fuchsia City.

Fuchsia City >Either route you take you'll eventually end up at Fuchsia City. Check at the Safari Zone to the north of town. You can catch all kinds of rare pokemon here, but some of them like to run away so patience is the key. Try to make it to the hut at the end of the safari zone to find a man who will give you HM 03 the ability to SURF! Also make sure you find the Gold Teeth item in the safari zone. Bring them to their owner in the house in the lower-right corner of town and he'll give you HM 04, which will let you push rocks(STRENGTH). Beat the local gym trainer Koga to get the Soul Badge and then you'll want to FLY or walk all the way back to Saffron City (that place in between Routes 7 and 8).

Saffron City >You'll notice that there are two gyms in this town. The one on the left you can take any time, but to enter the right one you'll have to beat Giovonni in the Silph Co.- but we'll get to that in a minute. Beat the trainers in the left gym to get your choice of two fighting pokemon- Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee. Now, find the largest building in the canter of town to challenge Giovonni located in the heart of the Silph Co. building.

Silph Co. >This area is HUGE, but if you do everything right you can through it pretty quick and without too much fighting. First go to the fifth floor and get the card key item. Now go back to the third floor and take the teleporter pad through the first door to the left (use the card key). Next you'll fight your rival and get Lapras from the guy standing there, then hop on the next teleporter pad to head to the top floor, where you'll take on Team Rocket again, and then Giovonni! Once he's beaten, talk to the man behind the desk to receive the Master Ball. (Do not use it Save it for Mewtwo in the Unknown Dungeon)

Saffron City (Gym) >Now that you've beaten the Silph Co. you can enter the right gym and take on Sabrina. Make your way through the teleporter pads until you find her, then defeat her to gain the Marsh Badge and TM 46. You've done everything you can in Saffron City now, so head back to Fuchsia City and bring pokemon with SURF and STRENGTH abilities south of Fuchsia down the watery Route 19.

Route 19 >Keep going until you reach the entrance to Seafoam Island.

Seafoam Island >This is where your pokemon with the STRENGTH ability is the key. Push both rocks you find on level 1 down the holes by them and fall through the hole yourself to level 2. Push both rocks through both holes again here, and again on level 3. Now you can fall down to level 4 without getting washed away. You could exit if you wanted, but if you want to get Articuno, head to the lowest-left corner of level 4 where there are some more rocks. Push them carefully in order so you don't get stuck, and so one rock can be pushed down through each of the two holes here. Fall down after them to level 5 and now swim north to find Articuno. He's tough to catch and this is your only chance, so make sure you save before you take him on.

Route 20 >A short ways to Cinnabar Island. Just swim along until you reach the island.

Cinnabar Island >There's lots of people to talk to in this small town, so make sure you wander around. Check out where you leave your fossil or old amber to come back later and have it be a live pokemon! The gym is locked for now, so head to the Pokemon Mansion in the upper left of the island to get the key.

Pokemon Mansion >Another big dungeon that you can sail through if you know the right way. Head strait up the stairs to the third floor and hit the switch on the statue there. Now fall off the left of the two ledges on the bottom of that level and you're back on the first floor. Down to the basement, where there's another statue in the small room to the left. Hit it and take the hallway around to the top, where you'll find another statue switch. Hit it and continue until you find the secret key. Backtrack, hitting the switches in opposite order and back up the stairs to the exit.

Cinnabar Island (Gym) >This gym gives you the chance to avoid trainer battles before the gym leader by answering pokemon trivia questions. Answer carefully, many of them sound easy but are trick questions! If you answer wrong you fight a trainer. Once you make your way to Blain, beat him for the Volcano Badge and TM 38. Only one more gym to go.

Route 21 >Swim to the end. Nothing else to say.

Viridian City (Gym) >Make your way back to Viridian City for the very last gym in the game and your final showdown with Giovonni. You'll need to lead one trainer out from his starting place in this gym in order pass by. Once you do you'll want to take the passage to the right as you enter the gym, around the top and to face Giovonni. Beat him for the Earth Badge and TM 22, then exit west out of Viridian down to Route 22.

Route 22 >After another battle with your rival, head up to Route 23.

Route 23 >If you haven't beaten all the gym trainers and gotten all the badges you'll have to go back no and get them to pass now. Also make sure you have a pokemon with the SURF ability since much of this route is made up of water, and you'll need the STRENGTH ability for the next dungeon, Victory Road.

Victory Road >On the first floor, work the first rock you see over to the right and on the trigger switch there. Continue up to level 2 by a ladder in the upper-left corner. Move the rock just below where you come up on level 2 and onto another switch in the corner. Follow the curving path and take the first ladder you can up to level 3. Now take that rock just abouve you on level 3 all the way to the left and carefully manuver it to the switch there. Take the ladder close by back down to level 2 where you will find Moltres, Capture him and back on to level 3, take the raised platform around to the bottom half of the level. Push the rock down the hole right next to it and fall down after it. Now take that same rock and push it left over the final switch, you can follow the last set of latters out of the dungeon!

Indigo Plateau >One last stop before final confrontation. Stock up on healing items and choose your best pokemon for the battle ahead. You'll be facing enemies of all types, so plan accordingly. After four battles with the strongest trainers you've faced yet, you'll face your rival one last item. (I bet you saw that coming) Beat him and you are the new pokemon master!