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Harvest Moon


The Story - HM 64

The story goes like this......... Your Grandfather is dying. Yougo to see him at his farm in a peaceful village. He manages to hold on until you come,then he talks to you with his last breaths. You didn't understand what he said, you justcouldn't figure it out. Your father walks toward the house. "Is he already..."you nod your head yes. Your father then goes to talk with the villagers. You stare at thehouse, you know what you are going to do. You walk over to your father. "Are you sureyou want to take over the farm?" he says to you. Yes you respond. Then your fathersays "Well if that's what you think you must do." Then he leaves. You walk backtoward the field, and you stand with your mouth hanging open at it. But grandpa alwayskept it so clean you think. The field is littered with tree stumps, rocks, weeds andboulders. You start to wonder whether you made the right decision. Then you go to bed,wondering how you will get this farm on it's feet again.....

The Story - SNES

The story is like this... You buy a farm and have 2 1/2 years toturn it around and make it prosperous. You must clear your fields and buy animals and wooa sweetheart. At the end of your 2 1/2 years your father will come and evaluate how youdid! It's your job to turn this farm around so get to work!

The Story - GBC

There are more animals on GBC2 then in the original game! You canhave 5 different animals.
The village is in trouble...if it does not start to make money the village will wither ina vine. Some want to build a theme park on a deserted farm to give the village a boost.
But the land and the farm have special meaning...
No one in town has the ability to successfully run a farm. that is until you volunteer.You have three years to turn the rundown farm into a lively and profitable ranch. The sakeof the village rests on your shoulders.

Thanks go to GamerGirl187.