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News Archive

November 28, '01

This place hasn't been updated in a while. A new banner has been put up which has Final Fantasy 8's Squall. Most importantly, new forums are up! Click here to go there now! Please join.

October 28, '01

I've got another review up for Zelda: Links Awakening DX for GBC. My hit counter is really messed up. I can assure you tht at this point, there are 710 hits.

October 8-9, '01

Here's another layout, now using frames again.  I thought it may be better since it's easier to update and all.  I am making many reviews for games now. I think I'll keep this for a longer time. I hope you like this. My banner is totally new too!

October 2, '01

A new icon at the top! Sonic's cool!

September 16, '01

How do you like my new layout? I love it! Please tell me how it is.

August 26, '01

I added a Breath Of Fire page with walkthroughs. I made my ownbanner as well. I'm pretty sure it will be a limited time banner though, I might make anew one. Since school is here, I fixed minor changes and got ready to get into schoolmode. The next time I update this site will be on a holiday; maybe a weekend and surelyChristmas.

August 22, '01

I added a Gundam Page. I even spent a lot of time making skinsfor Winamp! Download them at my downloads page.

August 9, '01

I got lots of more ROMS now. I added lots of cheats and I have a codes page. I really changed thelook of my navigation bar. Now I also made a button for you to link to me. It's on thebottom of my navigation bar.

August 5, '01

Now I have an Emulatorsand ROMS page. I have many ROMS on it. And for you all Netscape users, now you can seemy site as well as IE users.

August 3, '01

I now got a lot more MIDIs and I'm pretty much re-MIDI-ing mywebsite.

July 26, '01

I made my e-mail address different ( I deleted many oldpages like education, computer business, hobbies and all that.  I upadated my site toan all-gaming page.  Now I'm wondering if I should change the name of my wholewebsite. Maybe later.

July '01 And Some June '01

  1. Tomb Raider
  2. Harvest Moon
  3. My Forums
  4. Feedback
  5. Final Fantasy
  6. Digimon
  7. Dragonball Z
  8. Credits
  9. Cheats
  10. Enter My Site Page
  11. Quiz
  12. Win My Award

July 2001
I made my own Forums!  Now I have a Tomb Raider page.  I made afeedback page.  I designed a Dragonball Z and Harvest Moon page.  I put flashgames on my page.  I added an enter page with shockwave.  I made myaward you can win.  My site has lots of java.  I put reccomeded downloads on my enterpage.  I make this what's new page.  I use one theme for my wholewebsite (except some cool pages).

June 2001
I made a Digimon, Final Fantasy, Cheat of the Week, and a quiz. I added java tomy page.  I updated my downloads and made game demos.  I earn many awards andmake an awards page.  I make a skateboard page for all skateboard lovers.  Ichange some images on my page so my page loads faster.

April 2001
I update my music page and add music videos and change the name of the page to musicvideos.  I make a site map for easy linking.

January 2000
I made my own guestbook, tell a friend, internet.  I made my own e-mailserver! I made an HTML Guide.  I make a documentary on my trip to India on 1999-2000.

September '99
I made a page devoted to images and basketball!  I let people visit my oldwebsite.  Darn! My hit counter's reset.

A Long Time Ago (Around 1997)
I just made my webpage!  I made my downloads, computer business, TV/Radio,education, hobbies, pet, search, pokemon, and books page!