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Linking To GameNet

Choose A Code To Link To Me That Best Suites Your Page:

Note: Highlight The Text Below And Click Editon your browser menu and click Copy.  Then go to your HTMLcode editor and click Edit and Paste.

Another Note: Some of the banners and buttons willbe changed.  If you use the codes below, your banner will automatically update. So if you want the old, limited edition banners forever on your website without updating, download the banners from here by right-clicking th image and choosing Save Image As.   But then you have to link to it on your own.

Link To Me Using A Button (Most Reccomended):

If you are going to use a button, you need to save the following image.  Then you need to link it to

This is what it'll look like.

Link To Me Using A Plain Link:

If you are too lazy to use a button, go ahead and put up a text link!  Put the following wherever you wish.

<p><a href="">GameNet</a></p>

Link To Me Using A Banner:

Even though this is pretty large, you may use this banner. It will look like this on your page. However, I am working on a new and better banner.  To use this, just save the image and link it to

Thank you for your support.  If you are confused or do not know what to do, then email me.