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Fighting Legends

From A Scale 1 to 10:

Overall Rating: 4.0
Graphics: 7.5
Sound: 6.0
Time Consuming: 8.0

Fighting Legends is not a game for you if your computer has not much memory. It is abig memory eater by taking up 500+ megs. The game is fond of movies and clips which maylock up your computer.

Fighting Legends still is unique because it is and RPG made for PC. Unlike many otherPC RPGs, Fighting Legends is and RPG made only for PC. This game does not have the realessence of a true RPG though, since it is an online game.

Fighting Legends is like Phantasy Star Online, you can chat and do gameplay. There isbarely any media in this game, and the songs and movies are really not great.

Fighting Legends has a lot of repetition in it.  Many images are used many times.  This can make the game boring.

However, to play this game, you need to go through a hassle just to register a username.It takes an hour to sign up! The login screen for the game is weird though, the passwordis not in asteriks (*).

Fighting Legends is supposed to come out around November and December, but I wouldn'treccomend it.

Preview written by coolskater410