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Pokemon Gold And Silver


From A Scale 1 to 10:

Overall Rating: 7.5
Graphics: 7.5
Sound: 6.0
Time Consuming: 8.0

Poke may be old but is not totally dead.  Still millions of elementary schoolerslove this game.  If Nintendo had banned such a thing, the entire children race wouldbe more than astonished.  As being one of the biggest Gameboy Color sequels, Poke ison it's way to making big history.

I would consider Poke as an RPG.  Even if most RPG's are made by Squaresoft.  Under that would probably be Enix, Ubisoft, and Natsume.  Poke is a fairlylong RPG.  Though there are not so many towns and villages.  Most things are invillages and a repeated a whole lot.

The objective of Pokemon is fairly undecided.  It may be fun and all, but what'syour goal?  I at first thought you have to be a Pokémon master by beating all thePokemon trainers and all the gym leaders.  Then I had thought you had to get all 251of the Pokemon.  Of course, this I did.  No one really does anything if you getthem all.

The graphics are a lot better in Poke than in the red, yellow, and blue versions.  It still is no match for GBA, but it's cool.