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Gran Turismo 3 - A Spec

From a scale 1 through 10:

Oveall Rating: 8.5
Graphics: 10
Sound: 9.5
Time-Consuming: 8


Gran Turismo 3 is probably not the world's best car simulator, but it is a great example.Many games have been designed like Gran Turismo 3, like NASCAR Racing 4, Grand Prix,Mobil 1 Rally, etc. Even though they were succesful, Gran Turismo 3 has started a new eraof racing games. Gran Turismo 3, however, has the essence of an all new kind of vehicleracing. It is true that Gran Turismo 3 has finally completed the goal of making a wholenew understandable and believable racing experience.

Gran Turismo 3 yet is nothing different from it's two ancestors, GT1 and GT2. It has thesame racing experience. But most of the courses are different. Most of the game has to dowith real-world cars and real-world tracks. Still, some of the things in the game are justfictional, but still could exist in the world. Some of the tracks are in Japan, Seattle,and even California! It is almost certain that one-fourth of the cars in GT2 and perhapsGT1 are gone. Gran Turismo 3 still happens to focus on the truly good cars, and even somegreat older car classics. Gran Turismo 3 comes with 5 driving levels: beginner, amateur,pro, rally and endurance. Like in games like NASCAR etc., Gran Turismo 3 has two viewingmodes: Simulation and Arcade modes. Once you complete an entire event by successfullyplacing first in each of that event's races, you'll be awarded with a free car, which youcan either sell for more money or upgrade for additional performance.

Even though there aren't many races, the car upgrading will impress you. Some cars thatupgrade are the Toyota Supra, and most Nissan cars. The controls in Gran Turismo 3 aresimple, there is braking, shifting, accelerating, and a special emergency brake. Gran Turismo 3 though has real world effects in it, like crowd cheering, powerslides andoversteering.

Gran Turismo 3 will take months to complete, giving you something cool to do. It hasfeatures that people who hate driving games will like. But if you don't add this to yourlist of PS2 games, it would be a big mistake.

Review by Cool Skater