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Grand Theft Auto

From A Scale 1 to 10:

Overall Rating: 8.0
Graphics: 2.0
Sound: 5.0
Time Consuming: 4.0

Grand Theft Auto is the perfect game for people that like games with carjacking and pure illeagal stuff.  It features carjacking, shooting, punching, driving relentlessly,and gangs.

Grand Theft Auto can be a hard game in a while.  The jobs are hard and you have tocomplete all ten to unlock a city.  You have to spend time finding a gang who willlet you do jobs for them.  You also need to be prepared with weapons.  My firstchoice would be a machine gun, then you could use a pistol.  Another problem is thepolice.  If you get caught too many times, you go to jail.  However, this can besolved be getting a "get out of jail free" card.

Grand Theft Auto's graphics are poor, but this is considered good for the time it wasmade in.  This is another reason why I found the jobs harder.  But don't letthis put your mind down to the game, it's still very fun filled.

The sound in Grand Theft Auto is mostly radio music.  Most of these songs containcuss, but there are country music songs and classical pieces.  You might even hear crazy talk shows!

Review written by Coolskater.