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Jet Set Radio Future

Introduction: The original Jet Grind Radio was a ground breaking and excellent title. However, despite being very well it didn’t sell so well because it was on the Dreamcast. With the power of the Xbox for the sequel, hopefully the series will get the success it deserves. And the sequel is looking pretty good so far… Main Preview:

The graphics were excellent on the original, but the sequel has even better graphics. With the cel-shading capabilities of the Xbox, the cities are even bigger, and there can be more characters on screen.

It’s not known what artists will be providing the soundtrack, but hopefully there will be some Japanese pop music in the soundtrack as well. That would be just like the original, and would sound great. Hopefully the controls will be as smooth as the original. The button layout worked well on the Dreamcast original, but the developers will have to find a new button layout to deal with the huge Xbox controller. As long as the game plays as well as smooth as the Dreamcast original and maybe be even better.

My Thoughts: I am a huge fan of the original, so I’m hoping that the sequel will be just as amazing. The Xbox has plenty of power, so there will be no excuse if there is any for or slowdown. However, there is the problem of the big Xbox controller. If Sega can make the game smooth with the controller, it will work great. I’m hoping they can do it, and many other fans probably are too.

Last Words: Jet Set Radio Future might not be released until early or mid 2002, but it still looks good. While nobody knows how it may play, the original faith. This gives faith to fans of the series. Xbox fans have a lot of good games to look forward to in the future, and Jet Set Future may be one of them. The game may still be a long ways away, but it should be innovative and fun. The only thing nobody knows yet is how it plays. But that should be found out later on. Here’s hoping Sega does a good job. We have faith in you Sega!

Preview by dragonryu