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Tekken 4

Introduction: The Tekken series has always been one of the best 3D fighting games on any console. After the Resident Evil series and other series became either exclusive to other systems or became available on multiple platforms, fans began to wonder which series were still exclusive to their system. Luckily, Tekken 4 will be exclusive to the arcade and Playstation 2, at least for now. While this is Tekken it will have to work hard to stay the best. Tag Tournament was not as stellar as the other three and was almost matched by DOA2. But Tekken 4 will have a harder time competing, as it faces Virtua Fighter 4 this time around. However, Tekken 4 is coming along fine at this point, and will hopefully not disappoint.

Main Preview: The graphics have evolved quite well, as has the entire game. The characters look more realistic and will probably move even more fluently, judging by the fact that the game will probably be on a DVD rather than a CD like Tag Tournament. The arenas are not any bigger, but are more detailed and will be able to have more going on in them. Many other features such as sound and control cannot be looked at yet, seeing as Namco has not released a video yet. Only screenshots have been seen so far in most places. But if the game controls as well as its predecessors, it will certainly be a worthy contender. One of the major differences between the new Tekken and other fighting games is that the arenas in Tekken 4 have boundaries. It does not look like the stages will be multiple levels, at least not yet. But it is too early to tell. However, rather than a Ring Out the game will have obstacles such as walls and cars that your opponent can be smashed into. Will this be a good format for the Tekken series? It is too early to tell, but so far it looks good.

My Thoughts: The Tekken series is an awesome series. Unlike other series, each game actually manages to surpass its predecessor greatly. While Tag Tournament was more of a collection for PS2 owners, 4 will be the true sequel and the evolution. Many changes are being introduced to the series and many of them look to help. Judging by the quality of Tekken 3, I have high hopes for Tekken 4. Here’s hoping Namco can not only fulfill my expectations, but also surpass them.

Last Words: Tekken 4 may not make it until the spring or fall of this year, but it already looks great. Hopefully it will keep on looking better and better as its release date draws closer. With tough competition, Namco will have to work very hard to stay on top. No one knows exactly how it will play yet, but judging by the screens it looks solid. If the game engine can match the graphics it will be excellent. I completely trust Namco and hope to see a solid sequel to one of the ultimate 3D fighting series.

Preview written by dragonryu.