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Zelda: Links Awakening DX

From a scale 1 through 10:

Oveall Rating: 10
Graphics: 5
Sound: 6
Time-Consuming: 7


Gameboy Color may be old news to most, but because of the fact that Gameboy Advance is backward compatible there is renewed interest. And what a way for new GBA owners to find out why the GBC was so good. Even at three years old, Zelda DX is still a great purchase. The graphics in Zelda DX are nothing special. It looks like the old Zelda games on NES or SNES. While the GBC can’t make characters look realistic (Link and the other characters look like kids for the most part), it can do a pretty good job of capturing the feel of the old Zelda games. However, most people who buy handheld games probably don’t buy them for the graphics. So you shouldn’t decide not to get it because you think the graphics are not up to GBA quality. But, consider the game is from 1998. If you look at most of the GBC games from then (besides Pokemon), the graphics aren’t as good.

The sound is 8 bit, so that means that anybody who became interested in games after 1997 probably won’t like the tunes that much. You can always turn the sound off if it bugs you that much. But for those of us who like classic tunes, get a pair of headphones to put in your Gameboy (in the headphone jack at the bottom of the GBC) and turn the volume all the way up. The music may remind you of past Zelda games, and that is good. The gameplay is the main reason you want to buy Zelda DX. When you’re not fighting monsters or solving puzzles, there’s still plenty to do. While you start out with a sword and a shield, you will eventually acquire many different tools and weapons. This is what makes the Zelda series so unique. If one weapon or tool isn’t working in a certain area, switch to another. Zelda also brings back something that a lot of RPG’s lost after the Playstation came about. This feature is puzzles. While some RPG’s on Playstation (Wild Arms series) have them, most don’t and are mainly story driven. But Zelda has plenty of puzzles. The first time you play this you might have a little trouble with some of the puzzles. While the story is okay (and the ending is kind of lame), this should not stop you from enjoying it. In fact, even after beating Zelda DX about three times I still go back and play it occasionally.

Ultimately, Zelda DX is one of the best Gameboy Color games out there. It’s very long and great for car trips. So GBC and GBA owners should put down what they’re playing and go check out Zelda DX. You won’t be disappointed. I also would recommend the Oracle series if you can’t find DX. They are also good. But if you’re looking for a straightforward adventure rather than two separate games that are linked together in a way, go for DX.

Review by dragonryu